Introducing Planet Range

Reduce your carbon footprint with the UK’s first dairy feed range with zero soya and palm kernel.

      “Good for the cow, Better for the environment”

Planet Dairy represents a major development to help dairy farmers move towards lower carbon, more sustainable milk production. The Planet Range has been successfully fed on our farms since 2019.

Planet Dairy is the UK’s first range of dairy feeds formulated to specifically exclude any soya and palm kernel, the ingredients most closely linked to environmental concerns

What is Planet Dairy?

Planet dairy compounds and blends are a comprehensive range of dairy feeds created to help reduce the carbon cost of dairy farming, working at two levels.

Planet Dairy – more environmentally friendly ingredients

We have removed the ingredients most closely associated with high carbon on dairy farms and with the highest environmental consequences.

  • No biscuit meals
  • No soya products
  • No palm kernel

We have replaced them with high quality, domestically produced ingredients where ever possible, ingredients that all dairy farmers will be familiar with.

  • Novapro protected rapeseed
  • Rapeseed
  • Wheat distillers
  • Sugar beet
  • Field beans

Planet Dairy – delivering feed efficiency

It’s not just about changing ingredients; it’s about making sure cows are fed efficiently to help reduce the carbon cost per litre and feed waste.

All Planet Dairy feeds contain our FiMLAC mineral premix to help support and maintain cow health, performance and fertility. The FiMLAC premix also lowers the amount of certain trace minerals lost in the manure.

But we know all herds are different with different performance objectives challenges. So we are able to add a range of approved additives and additional ingredients to help keep your herd on track, including rumen specific yeasts, environmentally friendly fats and buffers as required.