Goat Feeds


Massey Feeds offer a specific range of Goat Feeds which have been designed to meet the requirements on milking Goat farms.

Deccox can be added to the rearing diet on request, upon receipt of an MFS (the equivalent of a prescription) from your vet.


Goat Starter Pellets


Designed to produce maximum growth rates with minimal nutritional upset. Containing flavouring to increase intake. With added Yeast to increase rumen growth. To be fed from birth to 12 weeks.

Goat Rearer Nuts


A high energy diet designed to promote rapid trouble free growth in weaned Kids. Formulated to follow on from the starter pellets, to minimise upset at change over. Should be introduced from 10 weeks.

Goat Milking Nut


Designed to be give all the nutritional and mineral requirements to a milking goat. With 18% protein and correct starch and energy levels required for milking goats.

Goat Finishing Nut


Designed to be give all the nutritional and mineral requirements for finishing goats. Contains 20% starch to ensure maximum growth rates.

Goat Transition Nuts


Designed to be fed adlib in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy and the first 4 weeks after kidding. Give the correct supply of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals to mitigate the risk of hypocalcemia and ketosis, increase kid health and improve colostrum quality. As well as increasing milk production in the following lactation.   

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