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Magniva Platnium Maize

Formulated specifically for maize harvested at higher dry matters and for the easier to ensile maize crops, Magnivia Platimum Maize contains a unique combination of proven herterofermentative bacteria.

Magniva Platnium Maize Elite

This forage innoculant is formulated specifically for forage maize harvested at a lower dry matter or when harvest condition are more challenging, Magniva Platonism Maize Elite contains a unique combination of proven bacteria and enzymes.


Barenbrug UK specialises in breeding and production of grass seed for UK agriculture. Grass offers a huge number of benefits to farms, from highly productive and healthier livestock, greater management and flexibility with increased profitability, as well as remarkable environmental benefits such as providing a diverse range of habitats through the season for a wide range of species, cover crops and enhancing soil health and fertility.

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