Small Holder Poultry





Millhouse layers


Crude protein level 16%

Ideal as a single stage ration for to laying poultry, for good health and productivity.

Feed from point of lay onwards. Feed Ad-Lib.

Not suitable for feeding to Breeding Poultry

Available as Meal or Pellets

Poultry Breeder pellets


Crude Protein level 18%

A general-purpose poultry breeding diet that contains all the essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins to support bird health and productivity and ensure good fertility and hatchability.

To be fed from point of lay onward.

Feed ad-lib


Poultry Starter crumbs + ACS


For feeding to chicks from day old up to 4-6 weeks of age. Available as a crumb to help encourage good early appetite to support optimum growth and development.

Poultry Grower pellets + ACS


Crude protein level 16% To be fed from 5-7 weeks:
– For layer replacements feed up to a maximum age of 16 weeks before moving onto a layer ration
– For meat type birds feed through to when the birds achieve the desired live weight, up to a maximum age of 16 weeks.

Contains ACS (anticoccidial) as standard to help control coccidiosis.


Turkey Starter crumbs


Crude protein 26%

A high-quality crumb containing highly digestible ingredients for good gut development and to encourage the poults to eat in the first few days of life. The correct balance of vitamins and minerals will promote early feathering and help to develop a good body frame.

Contains a coccidiostat to aid in the control of coccidiosis.

Turkey Grower pellets


Crude protein 21%

A high quality, high energy diet designed to achieve rapid growth and good frame development.

Contains a coccidiostat to aid in the control of coccidiosis. Withdrawal period 1 day.

Turkey Finisher pellets


Crude protein 17%

A high energy feed designed to build up the lean meat and then lay down a sub-cutaneous layer of fat under the skin to give a firm white finish. It is essential to feed finisher for a minimum of at least 4 weeks to obtain a top-quality visual appearance.

No withdrawal period.

Delivery Available

Tote Bags


25Kg Bags

“The feeding ages/quantities detailed for each product are meant as a guide only. For more specific details please refer to breed guides or contact one of our Feed Specialists”

“Ensure a supply of fresh clean water is available at all times”

“Crude protein levels are a guide only, please refer to feed label for detailed declarations”

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