Technical Services

The following technical services are offered to our customers so that you can maximise your performance


Forage Analysis, Mineral Analysis & Technical Services

Dairy Herd Costings

Full dairy costings available which links into our Massey Feeds League table for costed herds.

Rationing Programme

Using cutting edge nutrition rationing software (Ultramix), to help ensure optimal rationing of your stock.

Inter Herd Analysis

Evaluating your herd and helping you to highlight performance.

Grass Sampling

We can sample grass to test Nitrogen levels pre ensiling, and check grazing grass for nutrients and get a guide to intakes achievable and expected milk output.

Calf Unit Assessment

Comprehensive look at your calf unit with advice provided to improve efficiency and calf health.

Mineral Analysis

Both Silage & Bore hole water can be analysed so optimum mineral nutrition can be implemented

Forage Analysis

With our own NIR machine we regularly test your forages to ensure correct nutritional advice.  We are members of the FAA (forage analytical assurance group)

Soil Analysis

We can sample soils to aid with fertiliser applications as well as soil mineral samples.


Monitors the financial performance of your laying flocks. This service allows you to keep up to date with the financial contribution of your flocks to your business and enables management decisions to be taken for example which diet to feed.

Laying Hen Monitoring

Using records and graphs this service monitors the physical performance of your flocks. It monitors and we interpret egg production, egg size, egg quality, mortality and feed intake figures. This information can then be used in conjunction with the ‘diet selection’ service.

Pullet Rearing Report

This is an audit carried out on your behalf. It gives a spot check on the birds destined for you through the very important rearing phase. The report can be tailored to suit your needs and can contain for example:- live weight, light programmes, light intensity and vaccinations.

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