Beef Feeds


Massey Feeds offer a range of Beef feeds to suit all types of beef systems


Premier Suckler Rolls


Heavily mineralised roll containing 1.6% Magnesium for feeding up to 3kg per head/per day to grazing cattle to aid in the prevention of (Grass Staggers).

Beef 70/30 Nuts


This diet contains a minimum of 30% cereals designed to give a quality finish on a wide range of beef breeds. Designed for the intensive beef system. To be introduced from 14 weeks of age and fed ad-lib until slaughter.

Steakmaker Pellets


This very high cereal diet is designed for feeding `Beef from the Dairy Herd.` Yea-Sacc is included as standard and, as extensive trials have shown, helps achieve better performance and improved margins. To be introduced from 10 – 12 weeks of age.

Steakmaker 14 Nuts


This high energy, high starch and sugar product, which has added yea-sacc, is designed to finish all breeds of beef animals in all farm situations.

Calf Grower 16 Nuts

A high quality cattle growing nut, ideal as a follow on from the Calf Grower 18 Nut.

Topweight Beef Nuts

A competitively priced general purpose diet for a wide range of beef finishing systems other than barley beef systems. To be introduced from 10 weeks of age.

Beef Concentrate Pellets


A concentrate formulated to enable maximum flexibility in all rearing and finishing systems.

Harvest Top Gain 14

Protein 14%  Oil 4.16%

Fibre 9.09%

Bespoke mixes are also available

Harvest Top Gain 16

Protein 16%  Oil 4.80%

Fibre 10.40% 

Bespoke mixes are also available

Harvest Rearing Mix

Protein 18%  Oil 4.34%

Fibre 10.48%

Bespoke mixes are also available

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