Milk Powders


“A calf never gets over a good or a bad start in life.” Professor Jud Heinrichs

Massey Feeds have worked closely with Schils, a specialist manufacturer of milk powders in Holland, and our new FiMLAC products are second to none.


FiMLAC Formula SMP

A high quality skim milk replacer suitable for a wide variety of feeding systems. Ideal for once-a-day systems and rose veal calves.

FiMLAC Formula CMR

A high quality non-skim milk replacer suitable for all feeding systems. Perfect for everyday use on bucket or machine.

Features and Benefits

Optimum level of Vitamin E



Sodium Butyrate

Vanilla Flavour

The sole source and best form of selenium. Helps to maintain a healthy immune system.

Helps to maximise immune response in calves

Maintains a healthy gut and improves immune response to respiratory infections.  Improves weight gains in calves

Helps support development of the rumen papillae for earlier weaning and forage intake.

Encourages intakes

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