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Massey Feeds suppliers of DLF Trifolium grass and forage seeds, plus Quality cereal seeds


Grass Seed

Fine Fields from DLF Trifolium is a recognised and proven brand that has been established for over 30 years.


A biological silage additive with its unrivalled four bacteria and four enzyme formulation. The bacteria in Sil-All 4×4 dominate the less efficient naturally occurring bacteria, increasing the effectiveness of the fermentation and reducing losses, at the same time four different enzymes work to release extra sugars quickly from the different carbohydrate sources in the grass.


For all high dry matter forages Sil-All Fireguard combines the proven benefits of the Alltech inoculant package for faster fermentation together with two effective fungal inhibitors, where the aerobic stability of the silage at feed out is a concern.


Contains specially selected strains of Lactic acid producing bacteria and enzyme that will increase the feed value of the silage and contribute to improved stability. To be used when aerobic stability is not a concern.


Has been designed to effectively eliminate the natural population of fungi, yeast and bacteria that are often found in cereal and hay crops.

Silage Inoculants

Massey Feeds are suppliers of Alltech’s Sil-All range.Alltech offer a range of inoculants to suit all forages in all conditions.

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