Harvest Mixes

“They are wholesome ingredients with no fillers and I decided to order a load” comments Keith Jones of Crymbals Farm, when discussing his recent delivery of Harvest Dairy 19% Mix with Lesley Marsh of Massey Feeds.

“I wanted a high energy feed to balance out the fact that the grass quality had dropped sharply and the nights had turned colder.” he continued.

Keith, with his wife Susan and son David (currently studying at Reaseheath College) farms 150 dairy cows in partnership with parents Owen and Olive Jones. Keith was the first to take delivery of one of the brand new Harvest Mixes, available from Massey Feeds this Winter.

Harvest Mixes are manufactured through the mill, just like our nuts and meals but without being ground. The Harvest range is formulated to a set percentage of ingredients to meet the target specification, there is a standard range and we also do tailor-made mixes (As long as there is a minimum of 4 tonnes)

promilk.jpg Unlike some other products on the market, as Harvest Mix ingredients go through our mill, the raw materials are subject to the same stringent checks. Each incoming raw material is visually checked and scanned by our own NIR machine for its nutritional quality – and yes, we do reject loads!

The raw materials are then tipped to enter our system and pass over very powerful magnets – you’d be surprised at what they find. A rubble separator then gets rid of non-ferrous items such as house bricks and flip-flops (I kid you not). These steps are essential to avoid costly damage to our mill, your mixer wagons and, most important, your livestock.

They are then stored in our dedicated bins before the material is allowed to be computer weighed and mixed – the same every time.

“I was impressed when the lorry turned up with my Harvest Mix exactly when I was told it would do” Keith remarked. “It smelt very nice and I incorporated into the mix immediately.”

Harvest Mixes:

Harvest Pro Mixes:
Harvest Pro Mix 16
(unmineralised)Harvest Pro Mix 18
Harvest Pro Mix 20
Harvest Pro Mix24
Harvest Pro Mix 28
Harvest Dairy Mixes:Harvest Dairy Mix 16
(unmineralised)Harvest Dairy Mix 18
Harvest Dairy Mix 20
Harvest Dairy Mix 24
Harvest Dairy Mix 28
Harvest Beef Mix:Harvest Top Gain 14
(mineralised)Harvest Top Gain 16
Harvest Rearing Mix
Harvest Stockcare Mix 16
Harvest Sheep Mix:Harvest Ewe Mix
(mineralised)Harvest Lamb Mix

To find out more about the Harvest Mix Ranges and bespoke Mixes priced instantly through our Harvest Mix Calculator talk with your local area manager or call us on 01477 536300 (Holmes Chapel) or 01772 206200 (Preston)

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