Staggers: Why take the risk

Posted by rebecca on Apr 6, 2017, 4:27 PM

Staggers: Why take the risk

With temperatures starting to rise and the fields drying out naturally thoughts turn to turn-out and the specific challenges this brings to safe guard animal health. It is generally accepted that the efficiency of Mg absorption is the critical determinant in Mg supply of ruminants, this absorption is needed every day.

Insufficient absorption of Mg in ruminants leads to Mg deficiency which manifests in clinical signs such as grass tetany (grass staggers) or paresis (milk fever), which commonly and unfortunately leads to death in many cases.

Ensure that your cattle and sheep are receiving easily absorbable Magnesium by adding Magnesium to your QLF liquid feed or by using one of the QLF off-the-shelf products such as QLF Springmag.

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