New Stock: Lifeline Lamb & Ewe Bucket

Posted by rebecca on Jan 16, 2017, 3:42 PM


New in Stock: Lifeline Ewe & Lamb Buckets

A high energy and protein feed and mineral bucket specifically formulated to benefit the unborn lamb and ewe together.

Features & Benefits
Enhanced colostrum quality and yield, multiple energy sources including protected fat, lactose and molasses provide energy to help stimulate rumen function to support efficient absorption of nutrients thus optimising colostrum protein levels.

Optimised lamb immunity
The inclusion of mannan-oligosaccharides and beta glucans from yeast support the ewes immune function to maximise nutrient partitioning into colostrum production. Through improved colostrum quality the lamb is better placed to fight potential disease challenge.

Easier lambing and improved lamb vigour
The inclusion of key trace elements and vitamins that support the immune function including selenium and vitamin E help maintain ewe health during the stressful period in the run up to lambing, potential lambing problems are minimised.

Ideal for:
All ewes pre-lambing to support the unborn lamb as well as the ewe.

User guide:
Offer free access, from 6 weeks pre-lambing
Ad-lib forage must always be available